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Rates & Policies

Studio Rates

Dance Classes - Recreational and Company
Monthly tuition, based on class hours per week
30 minutes$40 4 Hours$160
45 minutes$55 4.25 Hours$165
1 Hour$65 4.50 Hours$175
1.25 Hours$75 4.75 Hours$180
1.50 Hours$80 5 Hours$185
1.75 Hours$90 5.25 Hours$190
2 Hours$100 5.50 Hours$195
2.25 Hours$105 5.75 Hours$200
2.50 Hours$115 6 Hours$205
2.75 Hours$120 6.25 Hours$210
3 Hours$135 6.50 Hours$215
3.25 Hours$140 6.75 Hours$220
3.50 Hours$145 7 Hours$225
3.75 Hours$155 Unlimited*$270
   *Excluding private Lessons & Technique Classes


Registration Fee

NEW STUDENTS — An annual non-refundable registration fee of $35 per student is due when you register your child. Each additional child** is $20. This fee is due at the beginning of each dance year (mid-August-September). In January the fee drops to half the amount.

RETURNING STUDENTS — An annual non-refundable registration fee of $25 is due at the beginning of each dance year. Each additional returning child** is subject to a $15 registration fee. In January the fee drops to half the amount.

**Registration discounts are good for immediate family members only.

dance classes xplosionPrivate and Semi Private Pricing: Available per Request.

Tuition Policies
Tuition is due the first of every month (Excluding summer sessions, which are due when the session begins). We base the fee on a 9-10 month dance year, and it is no prorated due to absences or holidays. There are no extra fees for more than 4 lessons in a month and there are no reductions for those months with only 3 lessons.

•  A $20 late fee will be assessed after the first lesson of the month (the 5th of each month) for any account past due. Statements are not sent out monthly, so please make note of when fees are due. Also, check the bulletin board weekly for reminders.

•  There is a $30 charge for all returned checks.

•  There is a 5% DISCOUNT on monthly tuition for 2nd child enrolled from the immediately family. Families with 3 or more children dancing receive 10% discount off the 3rd, 4th,etc child’s tuition. (EXCLUDING classes at Daycares)

•  If you are behind on payments, your child will not be allowed to participate in class until tuition is fully caught up. Please keep in mind this is my job and livelihood.

•  All payments made by debit/credit card will be charged a 3% convenience fee EXCLUDING TUITION!


Studio Policies

Absences and Make-up Classes
We do not recommend missing class because the best way to develop a dancer is for him or her to be in the appropriate class each and every time, but we do understand things come up. Make up classes are available upon request, please make arrangements with the instructor. Make-ups are highly discouraged during the last few months before recital.

Drop-off and Pick-up
Parents are always welcome to stay in the lobby while your child is in class but if you cannot stay your student should be dropped off and picked up within 10 minutes of the selected dance classes. Please notify the office if you are going to be late, we are not staffed to supervise your children for an extended amount of time.

NOTE: Dancers need to remain in the lobby before and after class! There is no playing/running down the hall and in the back. The children can be injured and DX property damaged..

Class Cancellation and Withdrawals
Dance Xplosion reserves the right to cancel any classes or reschedule due to insufficient enrollment. Any withdrawals must be presented in writing to the front office, until that is done tuition payment is expected.

texas dance studioDance Attire
Proper dance attire is important and will be enforced. It helps to show the basic features of the body and also shows correct placement that the teacher needs in order to make correction to the students. It also shows the correct discipline that is needed in each growing dancers.

Please instruct your child to wear form fitting clothes, NO JEANS OR JEAN SHORTS, and hair pulled back completely out of their face, if hair is too short to pull back please put half up or wear a headband. Cover ups should be worn whenever you are not in your appropriate class and outside from the car to the studio.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons and Choreography
Classes are available through the studio but need to be discussed with the instructor to set up a time. There is an additional fee for Private and Semi Private lessons

Cancellation Policy for Private and Semi-Private Lessons - A private must be cancelled 24 hours in advance; if it is not cancelled within that time frame you are held responsible for the payment of the dance lesson. Exceptions are made on a one on one basis, depending upon the circumstances and at the direction of the instructor up to 2 hours prior to the Lesson. If the instructor is not contacted 2 hours prior you are automatically charged for the lesson without any exceptions. Extenuating circumstances are understood.

Competition and Recital Costumes
Competition and Recital Costumes will be ordered at the end of the first semester. All Money must be turned in by that time to ensure that your child’s costume order is placed. NO costumes will be ordered that have not been paid for in full prior to the order. If your child’s costume is not ordered with the group there is a $20 per costume RUSH fee charged by the costume company in order to have the costumes arrive on time for the recital. Please keep in mind if you miss your deadline there is NO guarantee the costumes will arrive on time.

Recital Fee
Each dancer is required to pay a recital fee by April 1st the price is based on the amount of kids participating and the location recital. This also makes the recitals free of charge for admissions and the community. Recital is held at the end of May; dates, times and details will be released closer to time.

Holidays and Bad Weather Closings
We will close for the major holidays in conjunction with the DensionISD school calendar, including:
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Holiday
Christmas/New Year’s Holiday
Spring Break
Memorial Day

Dance Xplosion reserves the right cancel class due to inclement weather. We post all studio closings on our Facebook page, Instagram and sent out on our Remind Text System. Please check these regularly for updates.

dance competitions studiosLost and Found
Please make sure all shoes, dancewear and bags are labeled. We have a lost and found located in the hallway where all articles will be placed. All items left over 30 days will be disposed of or donated. Dance Xplosion is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Food and Drinks

We are not responsible for students before and after their class time and/or after they exit the studio. Please instruct your child to remain inside the building for the duration of their time here at Dance Xplosion. The student should stay in the lobby to wait for a ride. They are not to exit the building without the accompaniment/supervision of a parent.

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